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    10 Tips: How to compare Health Insurance companies in Switzerland correctly

    Since the basic benefits in Switzerland are covered by basic insurance, points other than these must be included in the comparison. You should consider the following 10 aspects when comparing the health insurance offers:

    1. Consider age and life situation

    Health insurance in Switzerland offers different benefit models depending on the age of the insured. Everything important is covered in the basic insurance, any other benefits are insured through additional benefits. These differ in the premium and scope of the service. There are sometimes restrictions on the practice of dangerous sports or similar.

    2. Find suitable comparison criteria

    A pregnant woman needs different benefits than a pensioner at the age of 75. Accordingly, when comparing health insurance offers, you should also consider what you really need! Explore the offers for individual services that are relevant to you and include possible financial support for visual aids, maternity or the participation in the costs of fitness programs and health care programs in the comparison.

    3. Consider the income

    In Switzerland, privately or legally insured persons can expect different premium levels. Consider your own income and what you are willing or able to do when it comes to preventive health care. Cover gaps in coverage through supplementary insurance, but also consider the increasing monthly financial burden.

    4. Take the franchise into account

    If you are young and fit and do not expect to have high medical costs soon, it is worth agreeing on a high franchise. This will reduce the annual contributions to be paid. However, if you are chronically ill or older, the franchise should be rather low. The higher contributions are easier to cope with than an expensive financial contribution towards the costs of illness and treatment.

    5. Note family doctor model

    Health insurance premiums can be up to 20 percent lower if you choose the family doctor model. If you have any complaints, always go to your family doctor first and, if necessary, he will write you a referral to the specialist. This is to avoid the unnecessary consultation of a specialist. To find the right family doctor, you will receive a list of general practitioners from your health insurance provider.

    6. Include health insurance companies with the HMO model in the short list

    With the HMO model, health insurance companies pay a monthly fee to a health center. General practitioners, specialists and some other medical and therapeutic specialists are based there. Paying a flat fee avoids unnecessary treatments that would only result in costs. The premiums are lower for you when choosing this model.

    7. Compare child premiums

    If you have children, of course they must have health insurance. Since there are no group discounts in Switzerland, compare the child bonuses. If several children are reported to an insurer, the discounts increase. However, this varies in strength, so that a closer look at the offers is definitely worthwhile.

    8. Pay attention to Tiers garant and Tiers payant

    At Tiers garant you, as the insured, pay the doctor’s bill yourself and then submit it to the health insurer. With Tiers payant, however, the doctor settles directly with the health insurance. You will later receive an invoice for any services not taken over. The premiums at Tiers garant are usually lower, but you have to be financially able to finance the medical bills out of your own pocket.

    9. Compare premium payment

    If you compare the health insurance companies, pay attention to the modalities for payment of the premium. Many insurance companies grant discounts if you make the contributions annually instead of monthly. Quarterly payment is also possible. Compare the health insurance companies of your choice with regard to these regulations, so that your savings are as high as possible.

    10. Use comparison portals

    Be sure to use the help of comparison portals if you want to compare the health insurance companies. Here you enter all relevant criteria and the offers that are really interesting for you are displayed. If you compare it single-handedly, you run the risk of missing important details that would have been particularly relevant to your individual situation. After signing the contract, you usually only get out of it at the earliest possible termination date!